Friday, July 30, 2010

Baktus scarf swap

I signed up for my first swap in a long time. This is my first swap on ravelry and it was a lot of fun. My swap partner srknittykitty just happened to be from Wisconsin and is also cat lover. The pictures of the scarf being stretched is the one I sent her, the rest of the pictures are the one she sent me and all the goodies. She really spoiled me with the homemade Hello Kitty stitchmarkers and other Hello Kitty accessories as well as a Mary E. journal, an elephant tape measure, a bunch of Crystal light singles, some popcorn seasoning and a cute knitted garden slug that Misu wanted to steal.

Thanks so much, Beth!

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Tira Modeling Swirl Shawl

Tira models, originally uploaded by knitwillis.

Tira always loves to help me display my projects and the Swirl Shawl from Jojoland is no exception. I love the pattern, but because of my short attention span I'm not getting very far.

Pokemon Hat

pokemon hat, originally uploaded by knitwillis.

I made this for Gabriel and eventually plan on making one for myself. We are Pokemon fanatics around our house.

Helmet Liner

Helmet Liner, originally uploaded by knitwillis.

This was a present I made for my honey, Cy. He needed a mask to keep his face warm during the winter at work when he is working outside. You wouldn't think we would need something like this in Florida right, but it does get pretty cold sometimes and this past winter was worse that normal. I also used this project for the Ravelympics.

Teddy Needs Some New Threads

teddy bear and hat, originally uploaded by knitwillis.

My boss was going to buy a new sweater for this bear I had given her a number of years ago, but I told her no worries, I can make one for him. I wonder if I'll ever get a sweater made for myself?

Joey in pink

Joey in pink, originally uploaded by knitwillis.

Joey is our office dog (actually my boss's dog) but he is there everyday and a real cutie. Tira and Misu are happy to turn over the sweater modeling to Joey.

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink, originally uploaded by knitwillis.

Here is one of my pink sweaters using Little Black Dress I ended up making two of the same sweater.

Hello Again

It's been so long since I posted on here, over a year in fact. It seems Ravelry and Facebook have been getting most of my attention. I have done a lot of knitting over the last year, mostly dog sweaters and shawls. I really need to get some socks done this year. I'm working on adding pictures from flickr so let's see how this works.