Thursday, June 04, 2009

Rest In Peace

My lovely friend, Peggy aka Sasha the Clown passed away last night after a 17 year battle with cancer. She was such an inspiration. She had been fighting metastatic breast cancer for so long, but still managed to keep a positive outlook. I feel bad that I never finished her prayer shawl. God Bless You, Peggy!

A bunch of animals

As usual, I like to have a picture of myself knitting while I'm traveling. I'm sitting in front of the elephants at the San Diego zoo in this one. As long as I'm talking about animals, I may as well post some pictures of my boyfriend's sister's cats (that's a mouthful) and my cousin's doggies.

Oceanside Knitting Memories

This past week I traveled to the Oceanside, California area with my boyfriend for a memorial party for his father. We had a lovely visit with his family and I managed to hit three knitting shops in the area. The first one I went to was Yarning For You in San Marcos. This was by far my favorite of the three shops I visited. I was able to meet one of my acquaintances from ravelry, Carol (KnitaRella) and several of the customers and other employees. My boyfriend enjoyed sitting and visiting with him while I felt up the yarn. I ended up getting some lovely Berocco Pima Cotton and some books. I plan on doing the Becky pattern from the Berocco book. See my ravelry page for further information.

The second shop I went to was Black Sheep which also had a wide variety of yarn and friendly staff. I was shopping with my cousin and her two dogs, so I didn't spend as much time in there, because no dogs were allowed. I managed to get some lovely Irish Linen from Maggi's Knits for the MK Collection and a shawl pattern for it.

The third shop I can't remember the name of at this time and it was a very full shop with not a lot of room to move around so I didn't stay long, because I was afraid of having asthma attack from the wool.

Most of my trip was spent getting to know Cy's relatives. His sisters and their husbands, as well as his two cousins were very nice.

It was also wonderful to catch up with my cousin, Joy whom I hadn't seen in 6 or 7 years. Her two dogs were adorable.