Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Good Boy!

Misu has been helping me work on my Noles dog sweater and was kind enough to model it for me today. I have been telling everybody he would be wearing a sweater for my Christmas cards and he didn't mind a bit. So just wait until Christmas! I made this sweater for our Posh Pavilion Pooch fundraiser. Last year I made three sweaters and I will probably make the same amount this year.


Jennifer said...

I love it, Cindi! It looks great!! Are you still involved with the wreaths this year?? I bought some items at the close of last year's Christmas sales specifically for the wreath auction :)

Cindiluhu said...

Hey Jen! Yep we're doing the Festival of Wreaths again December 4th and the Posh Pavilion Pooch who September 6th. I'm working on the dog sweaters for that. Miss you!