Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Purple Dog

I finished another dog sweater. Unfortunately, still no dog to try it on. So without further interruptions, I present Furgie wearing the purple sweater. I've started working on some more masculine sweaters - one in Seminole colors, the other in Gators. My socks are going well too. I'm working on Move Your Fanny and I found a real neat pattern to do for my sister, just a little apprehensive because it's more complicated than I'm used to, but I do like to challenge myself.


Batty said...

It'll look great on a real dog. It looks good on Furrgie, but a real canine will ad that extra bit of cuteness only dogs can add.

Anonymous said...

Furgie makes a great model!

I'm glad you stopped by my blog! Yellow Dog Eats was a great place. I'm sorry I waited so long to get out there.

Sarah said...

Ha ha ha ha ha, Love the model!