Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mighty Mini Ox Sox

I finished the first Ox sock and decided to make a mini version to use as a name tag for one of my knitting groups. My goal is to eventually have mini versions of all my socks to decorate a Christmas wreath for the Festival of Wreaths fund-raiser for work. As you can see Ox has a "Mighty" big foot. These are the biggest socks I have made thus far, and I'm really happy with everything about them. Ox is going to look pretty spiffy in them and they will go perfect with his blue suit. I should have Ox's other sock done by the weekend. Next in line is a Tidal Wave sock out of Tofutsies.


Susan said...

WOWZA!!!! that is by far the biggest knit sock I have ever seen. You deserve an "Adda Girl!" for those puppies. Whew! I'm exhausted just thinking about the knitting time that went into those.
And...that mini sock has company over on my blog. Come by & check it out. I'm running a contest right now, so take a guess!
(mouth is still agape @ the size of that sock)

crissy said...

omg he has big feet ! that is one huge sock. the tiny one is so cute . love making those tiny ones.

jackie said...

Just beautiful, hope you don't mind, check out