Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hats Off To Me

I finally finished the hat using the yarn I received from my swap partner, Beth. It's just in time for my trip to Minnesota tomorrow for the Knit-Out at the Mall of America. I can't wait, but I'm going to freeze my arse off!


jackie said...

your hat is to cute, it looks great on you,


crissy said...

knit out at the mal of america? ok now i cant wait fr you to come in and share all about this in your next blog . i love the colors you used in your hat. i keep meaning to take a picture of the yarn at our lys so i can sit and see what we do have to pick from so far i think our colors are really dark. thank god for shopping on line huh :) i sure hope you had fun at the mall you really must tell all soon :)

Susan said...

Fun, fun, fun!!!! Lucky girl. How was the Knit Out??? and Your hat is Sweet! Colors look great on you;)