Thursday, November 16, 2006

Sock It To Me Baby, Part I

I have been thinking about joining a sock of the month club for some time, but have found that some of them are cost prohibitive. I didn't really want to fork over a big chunk of money at once, rather would like to do it on a monthly basis. I found just the thing through Joslyn's Fiber Farm. One of the girls from my Saturday morning knitting group has actually belonged to her shawl of the month club and highly recommended her. So I took the plunge and signed up last week. Low and behold, my first shipment arrived today. It is a lovely DK weight yarn. I will probably do this project farther down the line when I am more comfortable doing socks. But the pattern really doesn't seem too difficult. I will be converting it over to two circulars though because that is my preferred method of doing socks at this time. (I sound like I have a lot of sock experience don't I?) I'm only on my second sock! The link for Joslyn's is:

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Stephanie (aka qdgirl) said...

Nice yarn! I still need you to contact me about the contest you won on my blog - please email me.
Stephanie (qdgirl,