Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Too many knitting groups?

I don't think so. I currently have signed on with five different knitting groups. I have physically attended all but one group's meetings. This week four of them met. I made it to meetings three days in a row. I would have gone to the fourth meeting today, but I was just too tired. I have been very productive lately with my projects and hope to finish my Jewelled shell soon. I did have to rip out 50 rows on the left front because I didn't read through the directions thoroughly and managed to complete the left front without doing the decreases on the inside edge. The frogging was done relatively easily and I should be caught up again tomorrow. I was a little frustrated with myself for making this mistake so decided to go against my rule and start another project. I cast on one of my scarves for the Think Pink Challenge. I decided to do an Irish hiking scarf with cables. It was my first attempt at doing cables and I must admit it was darn easy. I now have visions of doing Irish hiking scarves for all my friends and family back in Minnesota. Whether I actually do it, we shall see.


Susan said...

Wow Cindi, that's gorgeous! Are you using the lace yarn for that scarf? It looks very soft and silky. I'm going to have to check out the Think Pink site. Looks like fun:) and "hello" you are a knitting machine with five groups going at once Gasp! I can only imagine....You go girl!!! Take it easy -Susan.

Cindiluhu said...

I didn't use the lace yarn yet. I'm using some Caron Simply Soft this time around. I'm going to try and tackle some lace once I finish my Jewelled shell.

Maggie said...

Man, thats a ton of knitting groups, I go to two, and it only works out to meetings once a week.