Sunday, August 13, 2006

I Heart Chez Casuelle

I really, truly, love dealing with Carla at Chez Casuelle, both in person and on eBay. I feel blessed that she is only 32 miles away as well. I also peruse the site to see what she has on sale and what is on eBay. I won a bid on some Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn. (I was so drooling over it.) I had planned on going there to pick up some presents for my Favorite Color Swap SP and having won the auction was an added bonus. I contacted Carla to see if I could go ahead and pay for my auction and pick it up in person. No problem! I ended up buying the lovely Shepherd Sock in the Lakeview colorway as well as some Artisan Merino Laceweight in some lovely green and gold colorway. This was the original reason I went up there in the first place because it was at a killer price. I'm not going to state what I bought for my SP, but I think she's going to be happy.

More exciting news - I FINISHED MY JEWELED SHELL AND IT FITS!!!! I will post a picture once I get one taken. This is the first clothing garment I have ever made and I am so happy with the yarn I used. It is a Peruvian pima cotton/angora blend by Arcadia which has a lovely feel to it.


Maggie said...

I'm glad you finished you shell, you were working hard on it saturday! I hope you post some pictures of it finished when you get a chance.

p.s. it was great to see you at the yarn swap, hope we'll see you again soon

Cindiluhu said...

I'm gonna try and get my pics up tomorrow. I wore my shirt to work today.

Jessica said...

I found your blog through Maggie's. It was great meeting you on Saturday at the swap. Hope to see you at some meetings! Hope you feel better soon.

Cindiluhu said...

It was good to meet you too.