Saturday, August 26, 2006

Everything's Coming Up Blue

I had a great birthday surpise yesterday, I receive my package from pal. She sent me some lovely wool yarns in blues, some stitch markers (which I have really been wanting), a cute pair of flip flop floating candles and another country berry votive candle. My digital camera has died so I am unable to post pictures. Thank you so much to my pal, even though she hasn't told me who she is. I'm thinking a felted tote is in my future.


Stariel said...

Hey Cindi,

I guess I *was* supposed to reveal my secret identity and not make you guess, so here I am uncloaked!

KnitChick said...

Hhmmm...let me know when you hear about the next SP event opening up, 'k? I'm not sure I want to get into a ton of them, but I'd definitely want to check each one out and think about it...I'm so bad about reading other people's blogs, I'm sure I'll miss them otherwise... Thanks!